domenica 6 febbraio 2011

WLS: embedded LDAP client access

To view the entries of the embedded LDAP server through an LDAP client browser, first of all you have to change the embedded LDAP credentials:

1. Access WLS admin console
2. Expand the Domain node.
3. Select the Security-->Embedded LDAP tab.
4. Change the Credential attribute from its generated value to a new password
5. Click SAVE.
6. At last, reboot WebLogic Server.

Now configure a new connection in the LDAP browser (as a suggestion, I use Apache Directory Studio based on Eclipse).

Use the http server port 7001 (7002 if SSL is being used), "dc=[UCM_DOMAIN_NAME]" as the base dn, cn=Admin as the ldap administration user with the newly created password.

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Thanks for your tutorial. I learned lots from here like a e-book. Keep up your work.
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